GLB Filter Rinse

Brand: GLB
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Size: 1 qt


GLB Filter Rinse is a one step formula that cleans sand filters fast. Backwashing with plain pool water alone cannot fully remove the caked-on oils and minerals deposits from the sand particles. This product renews the sand particles and keeps the filter operating at maximum efficiency to yield crystal clear pool water with longer periods between each backwash. Filter Rinse is compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, and biguanide sanitizers.


8 fl oz per back wash cycle.


  1. Close main drain if possible to allow maximum intake from skimmer(s).
  2. Start filter backwash as recommened by manufacturer.
  3. While filter is backwashing, SLOWLY pour 8 oz. of Filter Rinse into skimmer so that it goes directly through filter.
  4. Continue backwash procedure according to manufacturers instructions.

Use Filter Rinse every time filter is backwashed to maintain crystal clear water clarity and maximum efficiency of filtration unit.