Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner

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The Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner product is an enzyme based liquid formula that makes taking care of your spa easier and swimming more enjoyable. Using this product regularly (every 3 months as directed) will enhance the clarity, comfort, and odor of your spa. Adding this product will require you to use less products while using the Spa Marvel Water Treatment. Not only will this water conditioner make the water softer, but it will maintain pH and alkalinity, remove and prevent stains and scaling, and reduce the amount of foam in the water.

  • Improves water quality, clarity, comfort, and odor
  • Requires less products to be added
  • Maintain pH and alkalinity
  • Remove and prevent stains and scaling
  • Reduce the amount of foam in the water


  1. Drain hot tub and clean filters with a product such as Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner.
  2. Fill spa and heat to normal operating temperature.
  3. Add one bottle for up to 500 gallons of fresh water.
  4. Balance pH and alkalinity if necessary.
  5. For best results set the spa's filtration settings for a minimum of 6 hours a day.
  6. Clean filters as necessary.
  7. Use sanitizers as required.
  8. One bottle of Spa Marvel will last up to 3 months. First time users should use the Spa Marvel Cleanser prior to using the Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner.