Spa Essentials pH Increaser

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Spa Essentials pH Increaser gives spa owners the ability to increase their pH levels, reducing the chances of corrosion to plumbing and filtering equipment, and moving your spa toward being chemically balanced. Using pH Increaser brings your spa into a balanced condition prevents disease, protects equipment, improves sanitizing systems, clears cloudy water, and prevents eye and skin irritation common when water is imbalanced. After using this treatment, your spa will become more comfortable for you and your guests.


pH 7.2 or less:

2 tsp per 100 gallons of water.

ph 7.2:

1 tsp per 100 gallons of water.

ph 7.3:

1/2 tsp per 100 gallons of water.


  1. Use an accurate test method to determine pH.
  2. Using the chart below and pH test results determine the required amount of this product needed to adjust the pH to maintain a reading of 7.2 to 7.6.
  3. With pump running on high speed, sprinkle the required amount of this product into the spa water and continue running the pump for 30 minutes.
  4. Retest pH and adjust as necessary.
  5. A good maintenance habit is to test for acid/alkali demand periodically.


Sodium Carbonate: 100%