AquaChek Salt and Chlorine Test Kit

Brand: AquaChek
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Size: 1 kit

Product Description

AquaChek Salt and Chlorine Test Kit allows you to test your salt, chlorine, ph, alkalinity and stabilizer levels.

Kit Includes:
  • AquaCheck Test For Salt (10 count)
  • AquaCheck Free Chlorine Test Strips (25 count)


    Free Chlorine:

    1. Dip and remove strip.
    2. Wait 15 seconds.
    3. Compare pads to color chart on bottle.

    Test for Salt

    1. Fill a small vial with a sample of pool or spa water.
    2. Insert lower end of strip into water and wait until yellow completions string turns dark.
    3. Compare the results on the strip to the number scale on the label.