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24 Jul 2021
United States United States
This stuff is great when used correctly.

Purchased this from my local pull store for about $30. Man this stuff did the job. I have been battling a dirty, cloudy pool for about 3 weeks. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get it clear as ph and alkalinity were stabile, and chlorine was right. It kept getting a layer of yellow "dirt" on the floor and steps. A quick brush would stir it up and it would be cloudy again. It was when I noticed it stuck to the walls that I realized it wasn't dirt and started my research. I found out I had yellow or mustard algae. Fast forward a few days, I ran to the pool store for another product "yellow out", but they didn't have it. They had this instead. I bought it. The girl asked me the gallons of my pool. I told her 22k. She said use three cap fulls of the algeaside and a shocking 6 lbs of shock. Folks, that shock is the key. This stuff eats your chlorine. I instead used 4 gallons of dollar general 7.5% bleach as I didn't want to use up that much of my hard to find shock. (F U chlorine shortage). First thing I did was get in the pool and brush every surface, then through all of my equipment, vacuum etc in the pool to be sanitized with it. Put in 3 capfulls about 6pm after the pool was in the shade, followed immediately by 4 gallons of chlorine bleach. Fast forward to 9am the next morning and poof, Crystal clear pool. Backwash Ed the filter and got nasty yellow water for about 2 minutes. Color me happy. Be sure to monitor your chlorine levels for the next few days as the sodium bromide In this chemical will continue to eat your chlorine.

26 Apr 2021
Christopher R.
United States United States
Great Product Great Price

My pool usually gets some mustard Alge in the summer time here in Texas. This product wipes it out quickly. I love buying from pool geek. Best prices and quick delivery to your door.

24 Sep 2019
Doug C.
It Works Very Good


04 May 2019
Nancy W.
Works Great

1 application and algae disappeared

26 Mar 2019
Patricia B.
Proteam Mustard & Black Magic

Worked like a charm!

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