Poolife Clean Shock

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Size: 1 lb


Poolife Clean Shock is a multi-purpose shock and sanitizer that protects again chlorine loss. Using this product will help to control the growth of algae, kill bacteria and destroy organic material in your water. There is no need to pre-dissolve this shock as it is fast dissolving.


1 lb per 13,000 gallons of water


How to Use:

Add the recommended dosage of this product directly to the pool during evening hours while the filter is running. When adding this product to your pool, broadcast the product evenly over a wide area in deepest part of the pool. Do not premix this product. Only add this product directly to your pool. Use entire contents when opened. If any granules settle tot he bottom of the pool use brush to disperse.

Water Balance:

For best product performance, swimmer comfort, and crystal clear water: Maintain pH in the range of 7.2 to 7.6. Maintain total alkalinity in the range of 80 to 120 parts per million. Maintain calcium hardness above 200 ppm. Use a reliable test kit that measures all these ranges. Use Poolife pool care products to make adjustments. Follow label directions for each product.

Opening Your Pool:

For best results, see the Water Balance section above before treatment. Always adjust and maintain pH in the 7.2 to 7.6 range. Follow Shock Treatment directions on this package. Allow 30 minutes for product to disperse. Test free available chlorine residual with a pool test kit. Do not enter pool until free available chlorine residual is 1-4 ppm. Repeat treatment as needed.

Shock Treatment / Superchlorination:

For best results, see "Water Balance" and "How To Use" sections above before treatment. Every 7 days, or as necessary to prove pool problems, shock treat/superchlorinate the pool by adding one or two bags per 13,000 gallons of water to provide a dose of 5 to 10 ppm free available chlorine in your pool. Use entire contents of bag when opened.

Algae Control:

Follow "Shock Treatment" directions on this label. Add this product as close as possible to any algae on thee sides or bottom as close as possible to any algae on the sides or bottom of the pool. Do not enter pool until the free available chlorine residual is 1-4 ppm. If necessary, repeat treatment. To prevent possible staining or bleaching, take the following steps immediately after treatment: Thoroughly clean pool by brushing surface of algae growth, vacuum and cycle through filter. For preventative algae control, use your preferred Poolife algaecide product regularly. Follow label directions on the algaecide.


Add one bag of this product per 4,300 gallons of water that is clear and clean.


Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetrione Dihydrate: 99%, Other Ingredients: 1%, Available Chlorine: 56%