Pool Breeze pH Decreaser

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Pool Breeze pH Decreaser is a granular that is used to lower your pool water pH levels. Cloudy water and scale deposits on the filter, plumbing, and surfaces could be a sign of high pH levels. Lowering a pool's pH level will also lower the risk of eye irritation. Use this product to help maintain crystal clear and safe swimming water.

  • Lowers pool water pH levels
  • Clears up cloudy water and scale deposits
  • Safe water that won't irritate swimmer's eyes


  1. Test your water's pH every week with your Pool Breeze Care System Test Strips and adjust if necessary. Generally, 1 1/4 lb of pH Decreaser in 10,000 gallons of pool water will lower pH by 0.2. Never add more than 2 lbs of pH Decreaser per 10,000 gallons in a single treatment.
  2. Allow the water to circulate for 12 to 24 hours. Recheck your pH reading. Repeat treatment as necessary until a pH of 7.2-7.6 is obtained. Never make additions near metal fittings. Do not allow undissolved products to to remain on the pool bottom. Brush any undissolved materials to dissolve. Never allow the pool's pH to rise above 7.6 as to the pool's surface and equipment may result.


Sodium Bisulfate: 92%

Inert Ingredients: 8%