Nature 2 A Cartridge

Brand: Nature 2
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Size: 1 cartridge

Product Description

Nature 2's A Cartridge provide pool owners with a way to reduce their chlorine use without resorting to other harsh chemicals, simply by adding this plug-in cartridge to their pools water. Designed to be used with Nature 2 Systems, A Cartridge utilizes all-natural minerals to purify water, eliminating much of the chlorine odor and irritation associated with chlorine. With your pool using dramatically less chlorine, you will lower your maintenance costs while improving overall water quality.

Product Dosage

Each cartridge lasts 6 month or one season, whichever is shorter.


  1. Install the cartridge after water is balanced. Refer to your Nature2 vessel operating manual for additional instructions regarding your particular models installation.
  2. Superoxidize the pool water with chlorine according to manufacturers instructions to burn off contaminants and activate cartridge.
  3. Run the circulating pump either: 24 hours a day for 4 days, maintaining 1-2 ppm free chlorine throughout, or 6 hours a day for 14 days, maintaining 1-2 ppm free chlorine throughout.
  4. Let chlorine dissipate to 0.5 ppm once start up period is completed. Do not enter pool if free available chlorine residual is over 3 ppm.


Metallic Silver: 2.33%, Copper sulfate petahydrate: 9.43%, Inert Ingredients: 88.24%