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Natural Chemistry Phosphate Test

By Natural Chemistry

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Product Description

Natural Chemistry's Phosphate Test gives pool owners the ability to measure their pool's phosphate level in 30 seconds, yet remains very accurate and easy-to-read. High phosphate levels are the primary cause of algae growth, as phosphates are their primary food source. Phosphate Test is one more tool to help owners choose the right products to maintain a clean, healthy pool environment.


  1. Fill test tube to 10 ml line.
  2. Remove 1 test strip from vial. Cap vial tightly after removing strip. Gently bend strip in half (do not fold) with pads facing inward. Place strip inside test tub cap.
  3. Cap test tube and invert slowly 5 times (invert the tube slowly to allow the bubble to go from the top to bottom and bottom to top).
  4. Remove cap and test strip.
  5. Place bottom of test tube on white boxed area of color chart. Look down through open test tube and compare color chart.