Jack's Magic The Ionizer Stuff

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Jacks Magic's The Ionizer Stuff provides pool owners utilizing copper sanitizing systems, either electronic or catalyst, to effectively prevent copper staining on pool surfaces. The Ionizer Stuff also gives pool water crystal clarity and a soft feel that swimmers love, while adding none of the nasty side-effects some anti-stain treatments leave behind. For a simple yet efficient stain preventer designed specifically for copper sanitized pools, the choice is simple: Jacks Magic's The Ionizer Stuff.


16 fl oz per 10,000 gallons of water.



  1. Proper circulation of the swimming pool water. It should take no more than 8 hours for the water to turn over.  Operating time of the filter must provide1-1 1/2 turnovers per day.
  2. A clean filter. Clean filter thoroughly before initial application.
  3. Balanced water. pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels need to correspond with the ionizer manufacturers requirements. Note: When shocking is required, we recommend using Jacks Magic O2 Safe Shock.