Haviland Durachlor PhosAway

Brand: Durachlor
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Size: 1 qt


The Durachlor PhosAway product is a concentrated formula designed to make maintaining a pool easier. This product will help reduce the amount of residual phosphates in the water through the filtration system. It can be added weekly or as needed to control the phosphates in the water.


Add 16 ounces of PhosAway per 10,000 gallons of pool water directly to the pool skimmer.


NEVER mix together different products together in the same bottle or pail. Pool use may resume 15 minutes after application. PPM = part per million. PPB = part per billion

  1. Resolve any existing pool water issues before using PhosAway.
  2. Test and balance he pool water. pH 7.2-87.6. Alkalinity 100-120 ppm. Calcium hardness 200-400ppm.
  3. With cap on tight, shake container thoroughly before using.
  4. Acceptable phosphate levels should be below 1,000 ppb, Ideal levels should be under 250 ppb.
  5. Apply this product with the circulation and filtration system operating. Remove skimmer basket and any other debris prior to application.
  6. Add 16 ounces of PhosAway per 10,000 gallons of pool water directly to the pool skimmer. This dose will reduce up to 1,000 ppb of phosphates. PhosAway is safe to use in larger doses. PhosAway cannot be overdosed.
  7. Run circulation and filtration system for 24 hours. Water may haze after application; this is an indication that the treated pool may have elevated levels of phosphates. Hazy water will clear shortly after it appears. Use Durachlor Concentrated Clarifier to speed up the pool recovery. Monitor filter pressure and clean or backwash as necessary according to the manufacturer's instructions.