Haviland Durachlor Algae Kil CB7

Brand: Durachlor
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Size: 1 qt


The Durachlor Algae Kil CB7 product is a concentrated liquid formula designed for fighting off multiple forms of algae. This algaecide will target outbreaks of blue-green, black, and mustard algae formations. Regular use of this product will ensure long lasting control over algae.

  • Fight off multiple forms of algae
  • Target outbreaks of blue-green, black, and mustard algae
  • Ensures long lasting control over algae



This algaecide provides effective prevention/control of algae growth in all types of swimming pools. Even though it affords long-term algae control, periodic additions on a scheduled basis will assure lasting algae control. For heavy algal infestations, more drastic treatment such as superchlorination may be required to eradicate the algae. Dilute this product with at least (9) parts water and sprinkle around edge of pool. Add additional amounts of this product every two weeks according to the directions in the dilution chart below. For best results, begin pool maintenance with this product according to the size of pool as given in the chart. Water treated with this product may be used for swimming immediately after treatment.

How to Estimate Gallon Capacity of your Pool:

Measure length(L), width(W), and average depth(D) in feet.

  • For square or rectangular pools: L x W x D x 7.5= Gallons.
  • For circular or elliptical pools: L x W x D x 5.9= Gallons.

Dilution Chart for Swimming Pools:

Pool Capacity Gallons of Water
Initial Treatment (fl oz) Treatment Once Every Two Weeks (fl oz)
5,000 2-5 1-2.5
10,000 3.5-10 2-5
20,000 7-20 3.5-10
30,000 10/5-30 5.5-15
40,000 14-40 7-20
50,000 17.5-50 9-25


Copper Triethanolamine Complex (CAS #31089-39-1) 23.4%

Other Ingredients: 76.6%