BioGuard SaltScapes Cell Cleaner

Brand: BioGuard
SKU: 16020BIO
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Size: 1 qt


BioGuard SaltScapes Cell Cleaner is just what you need to keep your chlorine generator running at peak performance. This Cell Cleaner aids in removing built-up scale from your cell to restore it to peak performance. With this simple to use product you can clean your cell in as little as 15-30 minutes.


32 fl oz per cleaning


Refer to your cell manufacturer's directions for cell removal cleaning instructions.

  1. Turn off circulation system and remove cell.
  2. Cap one end with a water tight cap. Place it (cap side down) into a clean 5 gallon plastic bucket.
  3. Fill cell with Cell Cleaner. NOTE:Excess product can be poured into the deepest end of the pool.
  4. Soak for 15-30 minutes. Then pour cell contents into the deepest end of the pool
  5. Rinse the cell with a garden hose, reinstall and restart circulation.
  6. Rinse any spilled solution out of the bucket and off of surrounding surfaces.