Baquacil Universal Filter Cleaner


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Brand: Baquacil
SKU: 84384
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Size: .5 gal

Product Description

BAQUACIL Universal Filter Cleaner (.5 gal) is great at cleaning all types of filter. Water quality and filtration can be greatly improved by cleaning your filter a minimum of twice per year. This cleaner works on debris, scale, oils and organic waste.

Product Dosage

Sand Filters:

1/2 gallon per backwash cycle.

Cartridge Filters and D.E. Filters:

1/2 gallon per cleaning


Sand Filter:

Backwash filter and then remove water from pump basket and pour in 1/2 gallon of this product. Turn pump on and backwash into the filter. When water appears in the backwash sight glass or from air release valve, turn off pump. Let product soak in filter overnight. After soaking backwash filter thoroughly. Avoid getting product into the pool.

Note: Before backwashing distribute several gallons of Baquacil Total Alkalinity Increaser on the ground in the backwash area to neutralize the pH. Place the multiport valve in the backwash position and backwash until water in the sight glass is clean. Resume normal operation.

Cartridge and D.E. Filters:

In a clean plastic container (a garbage can) pour 1/2 gallon of Baquacil Universal Filter Clean in 5 gallons of water. For D.E. filters, backwash thoroughly and then remove the D.E. grids. For cartridge filters, remove the cartridge(s) and rinse off any loose debris. Soak the D.E grids/cartridges overnight in the Baquacil Universal Cleaner solution. Be sure grids or cartridges are completely immersed in the cleaning solution. After soaking remove and rinse thoroughly wiht water, then replace elements and resume normal operation.

Note: Neutralize the acid solution prior to disposal. Very slowly add Baquacil Total Alkalinity Increaser to the solution until foaming subsides. The product should take a minimum of 15 minutes.


Contains: Hydrochloric Acid