Baquacil Calcium Hardness Increaser

Brand: Baquacil
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Product Description

BAQUACIL Calcium Hardness Increaser (3.5 lb) is designed to raise the calcium hardness level in your Baquacil treated pool. Calcium levels should be between 180-250 ppm for vinyl pools and 200-275 ppm for plaster pools.

Product Dosage

1 lb per 10,000 gallons to raise Calcium Hardness by 10 ppm.


  1. Broadcast Baquacil Calcium Hardness Increaser over the surface of the pool water with the pump running.
  2. If a large amount of Baquacil Calcium Hardness Increaser is required (more than a 50 ppm addition), add in 1/3 increments. Wait 4-6 hours between additions.


Calcium Chloride: CAS No.10043-52-4