AquaChek Total Iron Test Strips

Brand: AquaChek
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Size: 25 count

Product Description

AquaChek's Iron test strips provide pool owners with a an easy, effective way to test for two different types of iron commonly found in pool water, avoiding any potential problems such as staining of pool surfaces or water discoloration. Once inserted into water, the test strip will produce a quick, accurate reading of any iron content, which if present can then be eliminated with many different water treatments.


  1. Fill sample vial half full with sample water. Open one foil packet and add powder contents to vial. Cap vial and shake rapidly for 5 seconds. Remove cap.
  2. Dip a test strip into sample vial and rapidly move back and forth underwater for 15 seconds. Remove and shake excess water from test strip.
  3. Immediately compare test pad to color chart and record results. Estimate results if color on test pad falls between two color blocks.
  4. Rinse sample vial with tap water after each use.