Pool Breeze Floc Clear

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Size: 1 qt


Pool Breeze Floc Clear will clean dull or cloudy water. By settling the unfilterable dirt and particles to the bottom of the pool, a vacuum works easier to pick up the contaminants. This product will not affect pH levels, or damage the pool's equipment.

  • Clears dull or cloudy water
  • Settles unfilterable dirt and particles, for easy vacuuming
  • Will not affect pH levels
  • Does not damage equipment


NOTE: Shake well before using. Never mix this product with any other chemicals before adding it to the pool.

Before using this product, make sure that the total alkalinity, pH, and sanitizer levels are within normal ranges by using a reliable test kit. Adjust your total alkalinity levels first before adjusting your pH levels. Once you have reach an ideal range for alkalinity the test you pH levels again.

  • Add 8 ounces for every 10,000 gallons of pool water.
  • Add Pool Breeze Floc Clear directly into the water around the edges of the pool.
  • Keep pump running for 2 hours and the turn the pump off.
  • Let the surface material settle to the bottom of the pool overnight and vacuum to waste all settled debris, with the filter in the "waste" or "drain" cycle.
  • Backwash and/or clean the filter and resumer normal operation.