Pool Breeze Clear Shock

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Pool Breeze Clear Shock is a multipurpose sanitizer and shock that protects against chlorine loss. This product is convenient and and easy to use in control of the growth of algae, bacteria, and organic materials. Use this shock product to minimize left over sediment and maximize swimming comfort.

  • Multipurpose shock and sanitizer
  • Control the growth of algae, bacteria, and organic materials
  • Enhances swimming comfort


Routine Chlorination

Throughout the pool season, adjust to maintain pH at 7.2-7.6. Check available chlorine with a suitable test kit. Do not reenter pool until the free available chlorine residual is 1-4 ppm. Add 3-5 ounces of this product per 10,000 gallons of pool water every other day as often as needed to maintain 1-4 ppm free available chlorine.

Shock Treatment/Superchlorination

Every 7 days, or as as necessary to prevent pool problems, shock treat/superchlorinate the pool by adding one to two bags per 13,000 gallons of water to provide a dose of 5-10 ppm free available chlorine in your pool.


Add one bag of this product per 4,300 gallons of water that is clear and clean.


Sodium dichlorvos-s-Triazinetrione dihydrate: 99%

Other Ingredients: 1%

Available Chlorine 56%