Leisure Time Spa Minerals

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Leisure Time Spa Minerals is an easy-to-use cartridge containing an EPA-registered mineral formula that destroys bacteria while reducing chlorine or bromine use up to 50%. This product has been proven to reduce sanitizer demand, which lowers costs and simplifies routine maintenance. It lasts up to 4 months in spas up to 600 gallons and fits most filters. This Mineral Purifier Cartridge is formulated for use with bromine, chlorine, ozone, and non-chlorine shock treated spas.


1 Cartridge every 4 months.


  1. Insert into filter cartridge, in filter well or in skimmer.
  2. Lower your chlorine or bromine level to only 1 ppm.
  3. Replace every 4 months when draining and refilling spa.


Silver Chloride: 0.5%, Other Ingredients: 99.5%