Ultima Watertite

Brand: Ultima
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Size: 1 qt


The Ultima Watertite is a dual-action leak seal formula that is compatible with all sanitizers. The formula causes the tiny particles in the pool water to expand far beyond their average size. The second part of the dual action formal is when the particles become large enough, they absorb the semi-soluble portion of the formula, which then makes it insoluble and waterproof.

  • Dual action formula stops leaks
  • Compatible with all sanitizers


  1. Remove filter cartridge, grids from DE filer, or media from other types of filters.
  2. Add 1/3 of this bottle for spas, or entire bottle for pools as close as possible to skimmer or main drain.
  3. Turn ON the circulation system only. DO NOT TURN ON HEATER OR AIR BLOWER.
  4. Run circulation system for 5 hours for spas and 10 hours for pools.
  5. Refill spa or pool to proper level and let stand long enough to determine if leak is sealed.
  6. If leak is sealed, drain the spa and then refill. For pools, normal operation can be resumed.
  7. If leak is not sealed, repeat steps 1-6.