Ultima Swamp To Swim System

Brand: Ultima
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Size: 1 Kit


The Ultima Swamp To Swim System is the ultimate kit for turning your green swamp of a pool into a clean, clear, and blue swimmable pool once more. Targeting the extreme build up of algae, the Swamp to Swim System will shock the pool water back to the normal sparkling clear blue color that it's intended to look like. This powerful two part algaecide will kill the algae in your pool, and then make it easy to vacuum out.

  • Change your pool from green to blue
  • Controls algae and kills the bacteria
  • Two part system makes it easy for vacuuming up dead algae


  1. Add 2.6 lbs of Ultima Swamp to Swim I per 10,000 gallons of pool water. If any granules settle to the bottom of the pool, use brush to disperse to assist in helping it dissolve.
  2. Once the Ultima Swamp to Swim I has completely been dispersed in the pool water, change valve to recirculate position and add 1.3 lbs of Swamp to Swim II flocculent per 10,000 gallons of water through the skimmer.
  3. Leave the system circulating for 1 hour then turn off the filter pump and allow to settle overnight.
  4. The following day, change valve to vacuum position and vacuum the sediment to waste.
  5. If the pool has not settled out, or is not blue in color. Repeat steps 1, 3 and 4.
  6. Return valve to filter position after pool has been vacuumed.