Ultima Salt Solutions Stabilizer

Brand: Ultima
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Size: 4 lb


The Ultima Salt Solutions Stabilizer is a granular formula that is designed to protect your pool from chlorine loss. The harmful UV rays from the sun causes the chlorine in the pool water to dissipate quickly. By adding the stabilizer to the pool, the life of the chlorine is extended so that it can clean and sanitize efficiently.

  • Increases the sanitizing ability of the chlorine
  • Adding to the pool water extends the life of the chlorine
  • Helps the chlorine generators clean and sanitize efficiently


To obtain the maximum efficiency of the chlorine generated by your salt chlorine generator, it is important to stabilize the pool water by adding an initial 30 ppm of the Salt Solutions Stabilizer to the water. A properly stabilized pool will significantly reduce the dissipation of chlorine caused by intense sunlight.

To reach a 30 ppm level, add 1 pound of the Salt Solutions Stabilizer to the pool for every 4,000 gallons of water.

Be certain that the skimmer is clean and free of all foreign objects. Then add the Salt Solutions Stabilizer slowly to the surface skimmer with the pump running. Make sure filter is clean with full pressure drop. Recirculate the water for at least 6 hours. Do not backwash for 48 hours.


Cyanic Acid: 98.5%

Other Ingredients: 1.5%