Ultima Salt Solutions Monthly Salt Maintenance

Brand: Ultima
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Size: 7 lb


The Ultima Salt Solutions Monthly Salt Maintenance works with salt chlorine generators to help restore water clarity and maintain proper water balance. Using an oxidizer in the monthly formula, the unwanted contaminants in the pool are eliminated. This product also targets deposits and corrosion forming on the generator's cell electrodes to avoid damage, so that it can run efficiently.

  • Oxidizes organic contaminants
  • Clears up cloudy water
  • Extends the life of the generator's cell electrodes


Initial Dosage:

When opening pool, add Salt Solutions by Ultima Salt Start Up according to label directions.

Monthly Maintenance Dosage/Winterizing Dosage:

Add 7 lbs of this product per 20,000 gallons of pool water. Add product directly to the skimmer while pump is running.


Potassium Monopersulfate: 77%

Other Ingredients: 23%

Percent Active Oxygen: 3.4%