Ultima Back Wash Filter Rinse

Brand: Ultima
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Size: 1 qt


The Ultima Back Wash Filter Rinse is designed to deep clean sand filters that are often clogged with dirt, debris, oils, and minerals. Use this Back Wash formula to make your filter perform like new, by breaking down built up deposits of contaminants that can't be removed from normal backwashing.

  • Designed to deep clean sand filters
  • Rids filters of dirt, debris, oils, and minerals
  • Make your filter perform like new


Shake well before using. Compatible with all sanitizers including bromine, chlorine, saltwater, ozone, minerals, and biguanide.

  1. Close the main drain if possible to allow maximum intake for skimmer(s).
  2. Start the filter backwashing as recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. While the filter is backwashing, slowly pour 8 ounces of Ultima Back Wash Filter Rinse into the skimmer.
  4. Continue the backwashing process according to the manufacturers instructions.

Use the Ultima Back Wash Filter Rinse every time the filter is backwashed to maintain filter efficiency and a crystal clear pool.


Etidronic Acid

Citric Acid