Spa Time Brominating Tablets


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Brand: Spa Time
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Size: 1.5 lb

Product Description

Spa Time Brominating Tablets is a highly effective sanitizer of hot tubs and spas. Brominating Tablets will help you maintain clean, odor-free water that is less impaired by pH fluctuations than chlorine based sanitizers.


Before You Begin:

  1. Make sure all spa or hot tub equipment is working properly. Backwash filter following manufacturer€™s directions.
  2. Check water alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness with a test kit. Adjust alkalinity to 80 - 125 ppm for plaster spas, 125 - 150 for other spa type surfaces by adding an alkalinity increaser. Adjust pH to 7.2 - 7.6 by adding a pH decreaser or pH increaser. Adjust calcium hardness to 200 - 275 ppm for plaster spa or 175 - 225 for other types of spa surfaces by adding a calcium hardness increaser.

Product Usage:

  1. Fill spa bromine feeder with this product and adjust feeder following manufacturer€™s directions to yield bromine residual between 2-4 ppm in residential spas and 4-6 ppm in commercial spas.
  2. The pump and filter should be operated for at least three hours every day weather spa is used or not. Do not heat water above 104 degrees.
  3. To maintain clear, clean water and insure the performance of your spa chemicals, spa should be drained and refilled with fresh water every 60 days.


1-Bromo-3chloro-5,5dimethylydantoin: 96%, Other Ingredients: 4%