Spa Essentials Spa Water Test Strips

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Size: 50 count

Product Description

Spa Essentials Water Spa Test Strips allow pool owners to test their water quickly and easily for the 4 most important factors that determine your pool health: chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, pH, and total hardness. These strips will give you immediate results that will allow you to correctly adjust your pools chemical balance by buying the right products the first time, saving you considerable money and frustration. For best results, you should test your pool twice per week to keep your pool properly balanced, giving you clean, clear, and comfortable water quality that swimmers will love.


  1. Dip the testing strip into the pool water and swirl it around 3 times in a 1 foot circle. For spas you must turn off their jets and immerse 6 inches below the waterline for accurate results.
  2. Remove the strip with the pads facing up. Do not shake off excess water.
  3. Align the test strip with the color chart on the bottle, starting with free chlorine and ending with total hardness, and simply read for highly accurate results.