SeaKlear Yellow Klear

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SeaKlear Yellow Klear works with chlorine to treat yellow and green algae. This product is intended for use only with chlorine pools. After application, it will leave pool water clean, clear, and algae free. Yellow Klear for Pools is an economical and effective way to rid your pool of yellow and green algae.


4-8 oz per 10,000 gallons of water.


All dosages are for 10,000 gallons of water. Adjust accordingly. Prior to using this product, assure water is properly balanced (pH between 7.6 and 7.8; total alkalinity between 120 and 140 ppm).

Breakout Treatment(To remove visible algae accumulations):

  1. Brush areas affected with algae accumulations.
  2. Add 4 oz. of SeaKlear Yellow Klear per 10,000 gallons close to the affected areas. For severe accumulations, add 8oz. per 10,000 gallons.
  3. To activate, add one of the following: 1 lb. dry chlorinating compound (calcium hypochlorite dichloroisocyanurate), 2 lbs. lithium hypochlorite (35%), 1 gallon sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorinating compound) 10-12%, 2 gallons sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorinating compound) 5.25%, or 1 lb. potassium monopersulfate per 10,000 gallons of water.

Use a suitable test kit to test for residual chlorine. Ensure that the chlorine residual is 3 ppm or lower before re-entering the pool.


Sodium Bromide: 99%, Other Ingredients: 1%