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SeaKlear Spa Sodium Bromide (1 lb)

By SeaKlear

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Product Description

SeaKlear Spa Sodium Bromide is an important part of any bromine-based system, establishing a bromide reserve in your spa or hot tub that can later be activated by brominating tablets. It can also be used to create a band of bromide salts for use with bromine generators. Best of all, Spa Sodium Bromide is made to the exacting standards SeaKlear demands of all its products, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Product Dosage

Initial Treatment:

1/2 oz per 100 gallons of water.


Add 1/2 oz. of SeaKlear Spa Sodium Bromide per 100 gallons of spa water to establish a 30 ppm bromide reserve before using SeaKlear Spa Brominating Tablets for the first time, and whenever the spa is drained and refilled.


Sodium Bromide: 99%, Other Ingredients: 1%