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SeaKlear Spa Self Floccing Defoamer (1 qt)

By SeaKlear

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Product Dosage

SpaKlear Spa Self-Floccing Defoamer is an outstanding product every spa or hot tub owner should always have at the ready, removing and preventing the formation of annoying surface foaming. Its liquid formula can be added directly to your spa or hot tub water for easy application, cutting through any foam buildup instantly. Spa Self-Floccing Defoamer is compatible with all spa or hot tub chemical programs, and its use will not only improve water clarity, but filter performance as well. Best of all, Spa Self-Floccing Defoamer is made to the exacting standards SeaKlear demands of all its products, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Product Dosage

2 fl oz per 500 gallons of water.


  1. Shake well before using.
  2. When foam appears in spa or hot tub water, pour or squirt the suggested dose of SeaKlear Self-Floccing Defoamer into the water.

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