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Robarb Tile Buster (1 qt)

By Robarb

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Product Description

Robarb's Tile Buster provides pool owners with a professional strength gel cleaner that is effective at removing scale build-up, stains, and oil from all pool surfaces, including concrete, tile, and vinyl. Tile Buster's multi-acid gel is concentrated, and will stick to your brush during application to provide maximum cleaning power to any problem spots. This cleaner is compatible with chlorine, biguanide, and bromine sanitizing systems.


  1. Apply Tile Buster to sponge, cloth or soft bristled brush. (Test on small area if uncertain about cleaning surface.)
  2. Apply to surface to be cleaned and wipe. (For excessive stains, let stand for 2 minutes before wiping.)
  3. Rinse surface thoroughly with water.