ProTeam Complete Spa Care Kit

Brand: ProTeam
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Size: 1 Kit


The ProTeam Complete Spa Care Kit includes many of the necessary spa chemicals used to sustain the clarity and prolong the cleanliness of the spa's water. Working along with the most popular sanitizing systems, the Complete Spa Care Kit ends the hassle of purchasing all of the required spa chemicals separately.

Kit Includes:

  • Gentle Spa, 2 lbs
  • Spa Filter Clean, 1 pt
  • Spa Foam Fighter, 1 pt
  • Spa Sky Blue Clarifier, 1 pt
  • Spa Metal Magic, 1 pt
  • Spa pH Increaser, 1 lb
  • Spa pH Decreaser, 1.5 lb
  • Insta-Test 3 Plus Pool & Spa Test Strips, 10 ct
  • ProTeam Sample Bottle
  • ProTeam Spa Care Guide


Start Up

  1. Once the spa is filled and well circulated, balance spa water using your dealers recommendations or with the aid of your own testing strips of kit.
  2. Add Gentle Spa, as water is being added to the spa. Wait 15 minutes.
  3. Add Metal Magic, as the spa is filling. Wait 15 minutes.
  4. Add a sanitizer.
    Bromine Users:
  • Add Broma Start to your Spa.
  • Fill your tablet dispenser with Brominating Tabs and place it in the spa. Adjust to achieve 3-5 ppm of sanitizer.
  • Chlorine Users:
  • Add ProTeam Di-chlor to your spa to achieve a 1-3 ppm of sanitizer.
  1. Shock the water using Multi Magic.

Weekly Spa Care

  1. Test Water. Adjust water balance and sanitizer levels as needed.
  2. Apply Sky Blue Clarifier or Natural Clean.
  3. Apply Metal Magic.
  4. Shock your spa with Oxidizing Shock.

Monthly Spa Care

  1. Test levels of calcium hardness and adjust as needed.
  2. Remove Filter. Clean and degrease filters with Filter Clean.

3-Month Spa Care

  1. Drain and refill the spa.
  2. Clean surfaces with Surface Clean.
  3. Remove Filter. Clean and degrease filters with Filter Clean.