Poolife Pods Stabilizer and Conditioner

Brand: Poolife
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Size: 4 lb


The Poolife Pods Stabilizer and Conditioner is designed to make adding products easier. Simply drop in to add the pre-measured pouches into your pool, and the pool pump circulation will do the rest.

  • Pre-Measured pouches for the perfect amount of product
  • Quick and easy application
  • Pods are completely water soluble


Below is a list of pod additions for each pool size to raise stabilizer (cyanic acid) levels 10 ppm:

  • 5,000 gal pool - 1 pod
  • 10,000 gal pool - 2 pods
  • 15,000 gal pool - 3 pods
  • 20,000 gal pool - 4 pods
  • 25,000 gal pool - 5 pods


This product helps to protect chlorine in pool water. It stops the loss of chlorine caused by sunlight. Use the product if sunlight makes it difficult to maintain the correct chlorine level.

  1. Clean and backwash the filter.
  2. Adjust the free available chlorine (FAC) level to 1-4 parts per million (ppm).
  3. Measure the stabilizer (cyanuric acid) concentration. The ideal range is 20 - 40 ppm. The chlorine is not as effective if the range is above 90 ppm.
  4. Be sure the skimmer is clean and free of all chemical residue or debris.
  5. Add 1 pod directly into the pool skimmer while the pump is running. Allow the pod to dissolve before adding additional pods or other products. Only add one pod at a time.
  6. Leave the circulation pump running and DO NOT backwash for 4 hours.
  7. Use the list above to determine the correct amount of this product to use.


Cyanuric Acid: 98.5%

Constituents Ineffective As Adjuvants: 1.5%