Poolife Pods pH Plus

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The Poolife Pods pH Plus is designed to make adding products easier. Simply drop in to add the pre-measured pouches into your pool, and the pool pump circulation will do the rest.

  • Pre-Measured pouches for the perfect amount of product
  • Quick and easy application
  • Pods are completely water soluble


Below is a list of the pouch addition quantities:

If the pH is below 7.0:

  • 10,000 gal - 1 Pod
  • 20,000 gal - 2 Pods
  • 30,000 gal - 3 Pods

If the pH is below 6.6:

  • 10,000 gal - 5 Pods
  • 20,000 gal - 8 Pods
  • 30,000 gal - 10 Pods

If the pH is below 6.4:

  • 10,000 gal - 8 Pods
  • 20,000 gal - 12 Pods
  • 30,000 gal - 16 Pods


To keep your pool comfortable for bathers and to protect pool surfaces and equipment from damage, the pH of pool water should be maintained between 7.2 and 7.8. Help reduce pH drift and erratic changes when adjusting pH by testing the Total Alkalinity each week maintaining it between 60 and 120 ppm.

  1. Test for pH each time sanitizer is added using a reliable test kit.
  2. Be sure the skimmer is empty and does not contain any chemical residue or debris.
  3. (Skimmer Application) - Add 1 pod directly into the pool skimmer while the pump is running. Allow the pod to dissolve before before adding additional additional pods or other pool products. Only add 1 pod at a time.
  4. (Pool Application) - Add appropriate number of pods to the deep end of the pool with the circulation system on. Disperse any undissolved chemical from the bottom of the pool with a pool brush until the chemical is dissolved completely.
  5. Add appropriate number of pods as designated in the list above to raise and maintain the pH between 7.2 and 7.8.


Sodium Carbonate: 99%

Constituents Ineffective as Adjuvants: 1%