Poolife Pods Calcium Plus

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The Poolife Pods Calcium Plus is designed to make adding products easier. Simply drop in to add the pre-measured pouches into your pool, and the pool pump circulation will do the rest.

  • Pre-Measured pouches for the perfect amount of product
  • Quick and easy application
  • Pods are completely water soluble


Below is a list of pod additions for each pool size to raise calcium levels 10 ppm:

  • 5,000 gal pool - 1 pod
  • 10,000 gal pool - 2 pods
  • 15,000 gal pool - 3 pods
  • 20,000 gal pool - 4 pods
  • 25,000 gal pool - 5 pods


This product raises calcium hardness in swimming pool water. Low calcium hardness may cause the pool water to be corrosive, resulting in damage to surfaces and equipment. Plaster finishes may be etched or stained if the calcium hardness of the pool water is not properly adjusted. The calcium hardness of pool water should be maintained in the range of 200-500 parts per million (ppm).

  1. Use a reliable test kit to measure the calcium hardness concentration of your pool water.
  2. Add appropriate number of pods to the deep end of the pool with the circulation system on. Disperse any undissolved chemical with pool brush until it is completely dissolved. If multiple pods are added at one time, they should be distributed around the deep end and should not be concentrated in one place.
  3. Don't add more than 4 pods at any one time. Allow 4-6 hours with the pump running before making any further additions.
  4. Use above list to determine the correct amount of this product to use.


Calcium Chloride: 94%

Other Ingredients: 6%