Poolife Brite Stix

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Poolife Brite Stix are designed specifically for your skimmer basket and are designed to only dissolve when the pump is running, helping extend the life of your chlorine. These stix contain ClearCare Technology for a clear difference you can see and feel.


One Stick per 5,000 gallons of water every 2 weeks or as need to maintain chlorine residual of 1-4 ppm.


Water Balance:

To provide optimum product performance, swimmer comfort and crystal clear water always maintain pH from 7.2 to 7.6, total alkalinity from 80-120 ppm, and calcium hardness above 200 ppm. Test frequently using a Poolife test kit that measures these ranges. Make any necessary adjustments promptly with the appropriate Poolife pool care products. Re-entry into treated pools is prohibited with chlorine levels above 4 ppm for rish of bodily injury.

Routine Chlorination:

Add one stick per 5,000 gallons of pool water evey 2 weeks or as often as needed to maintain a chlorine residual at 1-4 ppm. This dosage may very depending upon bather load, water temperatures and other conditions. Pool must not be entered until the chlorine residual is 1-4 ppm as measured by a reliable test kit.

Shock Treatment:

Adjust pH to 7.2 to 7.4 with pH adjusters per label directions. Shock treat weekly to kill bacteria, control algae, burn out organic material and to keep water sparkling clear. Follow label directions.

Algae Control:

If pool surface develops algae or feels slippery, follow shock treatment directions. Immediately after shock treatment, thoroughly clean pool by scrubbing surface of algae growth, vacuum and cycle through filter. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Pool must not be entered until the chlorine residual is 1-4 ppm.

Opening Your Pool:

Balance pool water, shock treat, and stabilize your pool. Then follow "Routine Chlorination" directions.

Method of Application:

Use only for skimmer chlorinating. Do not use in a floating dispenser, automatic chlorinator or feeder. Run the filter pump a minimum of eight hours per day.

Do not all this product to get damp or wet befor use. Do no allow product to contact other water treatment products.


Trichloro-s-Triazinetrione: 93.5%, Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate: 1.5%, Other Ingredients: 5%, Available Chlorine: 84%