Omni Breakout 60

Brand: Omni
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Size: 1 lb


The Omni Breakout 60 granular product is a multi-purpose shock that will restore water clarity, kill algae and bacteria, and remove non-filterable swimmer waste. Use this product as a regular shock treatment to maintain crystal clear, and clean swimming water.

  • Restore water clarity
  • Kill algae and bacteria
  • Remove non-filterable swimmer waste


For weekly application intervals in swimming pools, add 1 (lb) of this product per 20,000 gallons of water into the deep end of the pool, when the pool is not in use (preferably at night). Reapply after heavy rain showers or following heavy bather loads.


With the pool pump in operation, broadcast the product evenly into the deep end of the pool. In potentially bleachable surface pools such as vinyl, paint, fiberglass, or colored plaster, brush the pool after application to ensure complete dissolving of the product's active ingredient. NEVER ALLOW UNDISSOLVED PRODUCT TO REST IN CONTACT WITH BLEACHABLE POOL SURFACES.

In water temperatures below 70°F, or as an alternate application procedure, pre-dissolve this product prior to applying evenly at the deep end of the pool. Dissolve this product outdoors, in a clean plastic bucket stirring with a clean plastic or wooden spoon. Add this product to water; NEVER add water to a product. NEVER add more that 1 pound of this product to less than 3 gallons of cool water. Do not mix with other products when redissolving.


Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione dihydrate: 99%

Other Ingredients 1%