Nature's Care PhosAway MAX

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The Nature's Care PhosAway MAX product is a concentrated liquid formula that will help reduce the amount of phosphates in swimming water. This product works by targeting the phosphate accumulation through the filtration system. It can be used regularly in a maintenance program or as needed to eliminate high levels of phosphates.

  • Concentrated liquid formula that will help reduce the amount of phosphates in swimming water
  • Targets phosphate accumulations through the filtration system


NEVER mix different product together in the same bottle or pail. Pool may resume 15 minutes after application.

  1. Resolve any existing pool water issues before using this product.
  2. Test and balance the pool water. pH 7.2-7.6. Alkalinity 100-120 ppm.
  3. With cap on tight, shake container thoroughly before using.
  4. Phosphate levels should be maintained at or below 1,000 ppb. The ideal level of phosphates in pool water is under 250 ppb. Your local dealer can assist you with the testing of these levels.
  5. always apply this product with the circulation and filtration system running. Add 6 ounces of this product per 10,000 gallons of pool water directly to the skimmer. This dose may reduce up to 1,000 ppb of phosphates depending on circulation and filtration. See dosage chart.
  6. Run circulation and filtration for 24 hours. Water may haze after application; this is an indication that the treated pool may have elevated levels of phosphates. Pools equipped with a sand filter can use a potent water clarifier to speed up the pool recovery. Continuously monitor filter pressure and clean or backwash as necessary according to the manufacturers instructions. Clean or backwash filter after 48 hours, regardless of filter pressure levels, to remove phosphates from the water.
  7. This product is safe to use in larger doses, and cannot be overdosed. However, when a significant amount of phosphates are to be reduced in a single treatment, typically 5,000 ppb, the product will cause phosphate to settle to the pool bottom. If this occurs, settled material may be vacuumed directly to waste. If equipment does not have the ability to vacuum to waste, the settled phosphate must be brushed into solution and frequent cleaning of the filter may need to occur until the water starts to clear.
Gallons of Water to Treat Reduction In Phosphate Levels
1,000 ppb 2,000 ppb 5,000 ppb 10,000 ppb
5,000 3 oz 6 oz 15 oz 30 oz
10,000 6 oz 12 oz 30 oz 60 oz
20,000 12 oz 24 oz 60 oz 120 oz
40,000 24 oz 48 oz 120 oz 240 oz