Nature's Care Instant Cover

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Size: 1 qt


The Nature's Care Instant Cover product is a unique liquid formula that is designed to eliminate the need for a pool cover. Pool covers help keep the water from evaporating, which is the number one reason for heat loss. Using this regularly will help reduce evaporation and heat loss in the pool.

  • Designed to eliminate the need for a pool cover
  • Helps keep the water from evaporating
  • Helps protect your water from heat loss


NEVER mix different products together in the same bottle or pail. Pool use may resume immediately after application. Product can be used in conjunction with a solar cover.

Initial Application:

  1. Shake product vigorously.
  2. Apply directly to the skimmer. Product is safe for all equipment. With circulation system running, add 2 oz per 300 sq ft of surface area. Apply weekly. See chart for common pool sizes.

Weekly Addition Chart:

Pool Size Approximate Weekly Dosage
18' Round 2 oz
24' Round 3 oz
27' Round 4 oz
16' x 32' Rectangle 3.5 oz
18' x 36' Rectangle 4.5 oz