Nature 2 Cense Divine Secrets

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Nature 2's Cense Divine Secrets provides spa owners with a MPS (mono per sulfate) shock treatment that has the added benefit of a fragrance additive that helps get rid of chlorine odors. Cense Divine Secrets MPS shock will remove contaminants from your spas water, bringing water back to crystal clarity without adding more chlorine to your spa which can create bather irritation. After treatment, all that will remain will be the soothing aromas of vanilla and lavender in the softened water, leaving you with nothing to do but soak your worries away.


1 tbsp per 250 gallons of water after each use.


Read all directions and precautions before use.

  1. Always apply other spa chemicals separately and never combine products prior to addition to the spa.
  2. Cense is not a sanitizer.
  3. For routine disinfection, use an EPA registered product, such as Nature 2 Spa, according to the label's directions.
  4. When properly used, Cense will help your sanitizer work more efficiently.
  5. Keep this product dry.
  6. Use only clean utensils to dispense product.
  7. Never add water to the product/bottle.

For regular use:

  1. Add 1 tablespoon (approx = 1.5 oz/or 16 grams) per 250 gallons (1000 liters) of water before each spa use.
  2. Cast Cense into the spa while the spa is under continuous circulation with the cover off until the product is fully dissolved.
  3. Test for MPS with Nature 2 Spa Test Strips (or equivalent) after allowing enough time for the product to be properly dissolved.
  4. If the Nature 2 test strips (or equivalent) fail to indicate MPS levels in the 9-12 range add another dose (1 tablespoon per 250 gallons) and re-test before entering the spa.
  5. After each spa use add 1 tablespoon to 250 gallons of water.
  6. Allow time for the product to dissolve before turning off the spa jets.
  7. Test for pH, total alkalinity, and total hardness using Nature 2 Spa Test Strips once a week.
  8. Adjust Accordingly.


Potassium Peroxymonopersulfate: 36%, Other Ingredients: 54%