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Natural Chemistry Spray-on Cover Cleaner (1 qt)

By Natural Chemistry

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Product Description

Natural Chemistry Spray-On Cover Cleaner uses the power of natural enzymes rather than harsh chemicals to clean your solar or winter cover, yet gives up nothing in terms of overall performance. Simply connect to a garden hose and spray your cover with the solution. It goes to work fast, cutting through the worst dirt, grime, and other non-living organics that have ruined its looks, restoring it to like-new condition. Best of all, Spray-On Cover Cleaner is made by Natural Chemistry, a pioneer in bio-based pool treatments, allowing you to buy with confidence.


  1. Remove any loose debris from cover.
  2. Attach Spray-On Cover Cleaner bottle to garden hose.
  3. Remove white plastic safety tab from hose-end sprayer. Turn red solution valve forward to "on" position.
  4. Turn water source on and then turn blue main water source valve to "on" position (top of sprayer).
  5. Spray cover with solution and allow to soak for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Lightly brush cover if necessary.
  7. Turn red solution valve back to "close" position and rinse cover.