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Natural Chemistry Spa Purge (1 L)

By Natural Chemistry

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Product Description

Natural Chemistry's Spa Purge enables spa owners with a powerful cleaner that flushes out spa plumbing and jets, cutting through organic contaminant build-up that severely affects normal spa operation. Spa Purge circulates throughout spa plumbing and jets, to restore normal flow, dramatically improving overall spa operation and health. Problems such as clogged filters, dirty water lines, odors, and foaming are a thing of the past after one application.


  1. Remove cartridge filter elements.
  2. With spa water temperature at 95 degrees or higher, add entire contents of 1L Spa Purge bottle to spa water.
  3. Run jets a minimum of 5 minutes. (note: If excessive foaming occurs, turn jets off.)
  4. Maintain water temperature and allow spa to circulate overnight with jets off.
  5. Drain, rinse and the refill spa and reinstall filter elements. Proceed with normal spa maintenance.
  6. For more complete spa cleaning, soak cartridge filter elements overnight in the only all natural filter cleaner - Filter Perfect.

To prevent future build-up of organic waste, use Natural Chemistrys Spa Perfect