Natural Chemistry Purge

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Size: 2 L


Natural Chemistry Purge confronts the source of many pool issues; the build up of non-living organic waste in the pool's plumbing. Controls foaming, cloudy water, gross waterline rings, and clogged filters. Use Natural Chemistry Purge today to rid the pool of unwanted odors and contaminants.

  • Cleans pool's and spa's plumbing of non-living organic waste
  • Decreases clogged filters, unwanted odors, and foaming
  • Best for use before resurfacing or an acid wash


For standard pools with up to 2 skimmers, divide the bottle of Purge equally between the skimmers. Note: If the pool has additional skimmers, more Purge is required (320z per additional skimmer)


  1. With circulation pump running and sanitizer level below 5ppm, add recommended dosage to the skimmer(s).
  2. Circulate for 24 hours with pump running continuously.
  3. Backwash or clean filter.
  4. After the 24 hours, superchlorinate the pool.
  5. Proceed with regular pool maintenance.

Once the purge process is complete, begin the weekly maintenance program with Pool Perfect + Phosfree