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Natural Chemistry Clear & Perfect (1 qt)

By Natural Chemistry

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Product Description

Natural Chemistry's Clear & Perfect provides pool owners with a highly-advanced water clarifier to neutralize microscopic particles in pool water which cause cloudy water. Clear & Perfect's formula collects and groups together dissolved microscopic particles, making them large enough to become trapped and removed by your filter, vastly improving overall filter system performance as well as restoring crystal clarity to your pool water.

Product Dosage

Routine Maintenance:

1 fl oz per 6,000 gallons of water per week.

Start Up/Troubleshooting:

1 fl oz per 4,000 gallons of water.


Spray Clear & Perfect at recommended dosage rate per gallons of pool water over entire pool water surface, concentrating on deep water areas. See side of bottle for measurement marks.

Clear & Perfect may be oxidized by high levels of sanitizer. Do not use Clear & Perfect within 24 hours of using Metalfree or any other metal remover or stain remover.