Leisure Time Free

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Leisure Time Free is a great alternative to traditional chlorine or bromine sanitizing systems, giving swimmers an safe, irritation-free pool they will absolutely love. Its biguanide-based formula is not only gentle to eyes and skin, but won't bleach bathing suits or discolor hair. It also produces no nasty chemical odors. Best of all, Free is part 3 of the Leisure Time sanitizing system, letting you say goodbye to chlorine and bromine forever.


Start Up:

1 fl oz per 150 gallons of water.

Routine Maintenance:

.2 fl oz per150 gallons of water raises sanitizer level by 10 ppm.


Start Up:

  1. Remove chlorine or bromine source and disconnect feeder. Discontinue use of ionizers and electrochlorinators if present.
  2. Drain existing water in spa.
  3. Clean spa with water.
  4. Fill spa with water.
  5. Bring a sample of water to your Leisure Time dealer to check it for proper water balance.
  6. After your water has been balanced, add 1 oz. of this product for each 150 gallons of water to give a concentration of 50 ppm.
  7. Circulate for 30 minutes then check the sanitizer level. Adjust if necessary.

Routine Maintenance:

Every week, check sanitizer concentration and pH. Adjust if necessary. -The level of sanitizer should be maintained between 30 and 50 ppm. When the level is 30 ppm or less, add enough of this product to bring the level up to 50 ppm. The sanitizer level should never be allowed to drop below 30 ppm. To raise sanitizer level 10 ppm, add 0.2 oz. per 150 gallons of water.


Poly (Iminoimidocarbonyliminoimide-cartonyliminohexamethylen Hydrochloride): 20%, Other Ingredients: 80%