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Jack's Magic The Tile Plus Stuff (1 qt)

By Jack's Magic

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Product Description

Jack's Magic The Tile Plus Stuff is a fast, effective way to remove stains from your pool's tile, grout, decks, fiberglass and even vinyl liners, keeping your pool looking factory new for years to come. Its powerful gel formula clings to surfaces to concentrate its cleaning power, allowing you to scrub much more effectively than runny liquid alternatives. The Tile Plus Stuff is even effective on wood, and is effective against metal stains. Best of all, this product is made by Jack's Magic, an industry innovator in pool chemicals, allowing you to buy with confidence.


  1. Wet surface to be treated with water prior to application of product
  2. Apply product directly to areas with stain, scale or discoloration.
  3. Allow product to react with stained area for 1-2 minutes, then vigorously scrub stained area with appropriate scrub brush. Do not leave on tile, grout, concrete, pavers, wood, vinyl and fiberglass surfaces for more than 2 minutes.
  4. Rinse product from stained area.
  5. For particularly stubborn stains and/or discoloration, a second application may be necessary.

It is recommended that gloves and safety glasses/goggles be worn when using this product.