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Jack's Magic The Step Stuff

By Jack's Magic

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Product Description

Jack's Magic's The Step Stuff provides pool owners with an easy way to keep stains off your pool steps simply by adding this product, which is safe for use with vinyl-lined steps. The Step Stuff's three-step formula is easily applied by adding to the water above the steps, while still being extremely effective at removing most common stains from your steps, preventing any possible slipping accidents and vastly improving your pools appearance.


  1. Balance your vinyl pool to the following parameters: Free and total available chlorine 1-3 ppm, total alkalinity 80 ppm or less, calcium hardness 200-400 ppm, cyanuric acid below 80 ppm, total disolved solids below 1,200 ppm. For vinyl pools using biguanide sanitizers, 30-560 ppm of biguanide sanitizer, pH between 7.2-7.4, total alkalinity of 80 ppm or less, calcium hardness between 200-400 ppm, and TDS below 1,200 ppm.
  2. Turn off pump and make sure pool water is completely still.
  3. Pour The Step Stuff liquid over steps, particularly over any stained area(s).
  4. Pour The Step Stuff powder over the same stained area(s). Let sit for 2-3 minutes, then brush away.

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