Jack's Magic Jack In A Box

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Jack's Magic Jack In A Box is a all-in-one pool care kit that, when used in conjunction with a sanitizer system, will keep your pool sparkling clean and clear throughout the pool season. Simply start using this kit when your pool is chemically balanced and clean, and you will not have to bother spending money on algaecides, clarifiers, metal controllers, or any other chemicals other than your sanitizer. This will not only save you considerable money over the pool season, but will greatly reduce the amount of maintenance you have to perform. Jack In A Box contains three different chemical formulas: formula #1 is a stain & scale preventative, #2 is a scum build-up preventative, and #3 is a sanitizer-enhancer/clarifier as well as a packet of The Yellow Stuff. Best of all, this kit is made by Jack's Magic, an industry innovator in pool chemicals, allowing you to buy with confidence.


1 kit treats 20,000 gallons of water for 1 month.


  1. On initial use of each kit, please add The Yellow Stuff packet. Follow the directions on that package.
  2. Apply Formula One. This fast-acting, highly-effective sequestering and chelating product will remove metals, from your pool water.
  3. Apply Formula Two. The highest strength, most durable enzyme product available. It prevents and removes scum build-up caused by body oils, suntan oils, and lotions. It also extends filter runs.
  4. Apply Formula Three. While NOT an algaecide itself, this "magical" mixture is designed to enhance your sanitizer's ability to prevent algae growth. It also includes an extra strength clarifier to make your pool water sparkle.