Hydropure MetalTrap 10

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Hydropure Technologies MetalTrap 10 is a great pre-filter for your pool or spa. This filter removes iron, copper, and manganese from your fill water. This unique filter chemically reacts with the metals to remove them and not just treat them.


  1. Connect The Valve: Locate the arrow sticker on the left end of your filter. That is the inlet side. The arrow indicates the direction of water flow. Unscrew the red cap located aon the end closest to the arrow sticker. Attach the treaded valve connector to the inlet of the filter. Hand-tighten only.
  2. Attach the Hose: Attach a hose to the filter, using the swivel hose connector on the valve. Remove the red cap at the other end of the filter. Open the valve in the same direction as the arrow. Do not introduce new water directly into the poo spa until you have completed all the steps. Proceed with flushing the unit away from the pool and spa area.
  3. Flush: Important! For initial use, flush water through the filter for 1-2 minutes until water runs completely clear. After initial use, the flush time required will be reduced. However, it is still recommended to flush for at least 15-30 seconds prior to each subsequent fill or top off. (Note: If any particles or debris enter the pool or spa water, please vacuum to remove them as soon as possible.) The MetalTrap Filter is designed to handle 1 ppm of total metal content at 4-8 gpm. Actual flow rate and metal removal will vary.
  4. Test for Metals: Always test for metals prior to introducing new water into the pool or spa. Please keep in mind that metal level vary greatly from source to source, season to season, and even daily within the same well depending on the depth of water being pulled. This step is especially important if using well water that you suspect is highly contaminated with iron! Never add water to the pool without testing first.
    1. Fill a white 5-gallon bucket of water before filling the pool or spa.
    2. Please Note: Not all metals are visible by the naked eye! Water can look clear but sill be highly contaminated with metals! Use test strips for iron, copper and manganese or do the following "chlorine test" to Verify the elimination of metals.
    3. Chlorine Test: Even if water appears to be clear, there still may be some dissolved metals that can react with chlorine. To test, simply add a small amount of chlorine (shock, tabs, liquid, etc.) to the bucket of water and see if any discoloration or reaction occurs. If water remains clear, proceed with filling the pool or spa. If a reaction does occur, slow the flow to allow more contact time with the filter to pull out the higher metal levels. Repeat the chlorine test until the water remains crystal clear.
  5. Customize the flow for your water: Customize the flow to meet your specific needs! Simply adjust the ball valve as necessary to slow the flow of water. The MetalTrap Filter can handle metal levels higher than 1 ppm if used correctly. Remember, it's all about contact time! The higher the level of metals the slow the flow rate should be. If you desire a faster flow rate, please consider a larger filter or connect two filters together to get the extra contact time needed within the MetalTrap.
  6. Fill: Once the water is completely clear, lay the filter at the edge of the pool or the spa or connect a second hose to the outlet of the filter, if desired. Continue filling with purified water. Note: Never set it and forget it! If you are filling an entire pool, please monitor the filter and metal levels regularly, as the metal levels can vary greatly within a well when large volumes of water are being used. Repeat the chlorine test and adjust the flow as needed throughout the fill process.
  7. Storage: After use, drain the trapped water from the unit away from the pool or spa. Allow the unit to air-dry overnight, if possible. Always keep the valve closed and the outlet cap on when the unit is not in use.
  8. Replacement: The capacities of the filters are approximate and are based on 1 ppm of total metal content (iron, copper, and manganese combined). Actual capacity of the filter will vary depending on the water source and level of contamination. You will when when your filter has reached its capacity when you see a drop in the water pressure. Do not open or tamper with a used filter unit. Dispose of the entire filter.
  9. Long-Term Metal Maintenance: Always use Liquid MetalTrap according to its directions to prevent against future staining and environmental metals. It is always recommended to keep your pH and chlorine levels on the lowest end of the acceptable range for your pool or spa. In the future, if any water discoloration appears or metals are ever suspected within the pool or spa, immediately lower your pH to 6.8 for plaster pools or 7.0 for vinyl and fiberglass pools, add Liquid MetalTrap to deactivate the metals and follow immediately with TotalTrap Pool Refresh to remove the metals permanently through your stand filter.