Horizon Winter Cover Sealer

Brand: Horizon
SKU: WCS51866
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Product Description

Horizon Winter Cover Sealer (15 in x 500 ft)extends the life of your winter pool cover. This heavy duty 80 gauge film prevents winter cover damage from strong winds and keeps leaves and dirt out.


  1. Your winter cover should be securely attached to your pool following the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Take Winter Cover Sealer and attach it to your pool
  3. Slowly walk around the outside of your pool in a clockwise direction.
  4. On your first wrap keep winter cover sealer centered on the top rail of your pool.
  5. Be sure to keep tension on the roll and stretch it tight as you go around the pool.
  6. After the first wrap, you should alternate wrapping above and below the top rail with each additional wrap.
  7. Repeat alternate wraps until all material is used. Minimum of 5 wraps required.