Haviland Durachlor Ultra Shock AC

Brand: Durachlor
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The Durachlor Ultra Shock AC product is a powerful granular shock that sanitizes inorganic contaminants in the pool water. Build ups of swimmer wastes such as perspirations, body oils, and lotions are quickly eliminated from the water. Regular use of this product will ensure your water will appear clear and inviting.

  • Effective granular shock
  • Eliminates perspirations, body oils, and lotions fast
  • Enhances the water quality


There are 2 application methods possible for this product. A or B, add 8 oz of this product to every 5,000 gallons of water weekly. apply more frequently after a heavy rain, high temperatures, and/or heavy bather loads.

Depending on the pool surface type and water temperature, there are two suggested methods for applying this product. Method A should be used if water temperatures are below 65°F or the pool has leachable surfaces such as vinyl, painted plaster or concrete. For all other applications, use method B.

Application Method A:

Use a clean plastic bucket or pail and fill with clean water. Add this product to the bucket or pail of water. Use a clean wood or plastic spoon to stir the water. Never add more than 1 pound of this product to 3 gallons of clean water. NEVER place this product in a pail and add water to the product. This product must be added to water. Once product has dissolved, pour the solution around the edge of the pool with the circulation pump on.

Application Method B:

With circulation pump on, place the container close to the surface of the pool, and broadcast this product over the water surface in the deep end of the pool. Use a pool brush on surfaces if this product settle on the bottom of pool surfaces. Never allow undissolved product to rest in contact with pool surfaces.


Calcium Hypochlorite: 47.6%

Other Ingredients: 52.4%